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The reputation of Warriors in Guild Wars 2 is complicated at best. They used to be an incredibly valuable DPS class, but changes over the years have led players to favor Warriors less and less. But don't lose hope yet! There are still builds available that turn a Warrior into a welcome addition to any team.

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This article details a Power DPS Warrior build that you can use and modify to your heart's content. We cover all the basic parts of the build, including weapons, armor, specializations, traits, consumables, and even suggestions for alternatives where the build can bend to suit your needs.

This build is ideal for...

  • Fractals
  • Dungeons
  • Raids
  • Strikes

...but can be changed easily to better suit other game types!


Note: Keep in mind that the build detailed in this article is based on the meta of the game at the time this article was written.


Guild Wars 2 - Warrior Specialization Menu

This build uses the special Warrior specialization: Berserker. It is only available to players who own the Heart of Thorns expansion to Guild Wars 2. It also requires a little extra time to train it, since it only becomes available at level 80.

For your specializations, you should choose:

Specialization Traits Alternate Traits
  • Peak Performance
  • Great Fortitude
  • Berserker's Power
  • Before you've mastered the build, you may opt to use Restorative Strength instead of Peak Performance
  • Use Forceful Greatsword instead of Great Fortitude for Open World gameplay
  • Warrior's Spirit
  • Doubled Standards
  • Axe Mastery
  • Use Heightened Focus instead of Axe Mastery if you don't use Axes for some reason, or for Open World gameplay
  • Use Brawler's Recovery instead of Doubled Standards for Open World gameplay
  • Smash Brawler
  • Blood Reaction
  • Bloody Roar
  • Take Last Blaze instead of Smash Brawler if you want more DPS and are confident enough while playing that you can get your skills out before the Berserk Mode runs out
  • Use Savage Instinct instead of Smash Brawler if you find yourself being stunned a lot

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Guild Wars 2 - In-Game screenshot of Warrior doing a Headbutt

For your skills, choose:

Slot Type Skill(s) To Use Alternate Skills
  • Blood Reckoning
  • If you're in a fight that has a certain number of phases with brief breaks in between (like many fractals have), consider switching to Mending for more DPS
  • Signet Of Might
  • Outrage
  • Wild Blow
  • You can replace Wild Blow or Signet of Might with Throw Bolas or Bull's Charge; this swap provides better burst DPS but worse long-term DPS, so be careful to consider your game type, party members, and other related circumstances (if you make this switch, be sure to be using the Peak Performance trait, since it improves the recharge time on Physical skills)
  • Using Wild Blow, in particular, provides good CC if your party is missing it
  • Head Butt
  • None.

Weapons And Armour


Guild Wars 2 - In-Game screenshot of Warrior in Orr
via dbaggins32 on Imgur

As is the case with most DPS-focused builds, you'll want to use armor with Berserker stats: mostly +Power, and a bit +Precision and +Ferocity.

Your accessories should also have Berserker stats - except 2. For the last two, choose accessories that have Assassin stats: mostly +Precision, with a bit of +Power and +Ferocity. However, if you're just in the Open World, all Berserker accessories are fine.

We recommend equipping a full set of Superior Runes of the Thief with your Berserker armor. However, you could also use the Superior Runes of the Eagle, Superior Runes of Strength, or the Superior Runes of the Scholar. Unfortunately, neither of those sets provides as much ferocity as the Runes of the Thief. To make up for that, just equip more accessories that have the Assassin stats.


Guild Wars 2 - In-Game screenshot of Warrior in Orr using weapons
via dbaggins32 on Imgur

You should use two axes as your main set of weapons and a greatsword in your alternate set of weapons. Instead of your greatsword, you could opt for dual-wielding maces; this combination provides decent CC if your group is lacking it, plus a little defense (when used in the mainhand).

On each axe, equip a Sigil of Force and a Sigil of Impact. On the greatsword, equip a Sigil of Force and a Sigil of Hydromancy. In Fractals, use a Sigil of Impact on the Greatsword instead of the Sigil of Hydromancy. In the Open World, use a Sigil of Accuracy on your axes instead of the Sigil of Impact, and on the Greatsword instead of the Sigil of Hydromancy. If you opt to dual-wield maces, equip a Sigil of Severance and a Sigil of Paralyzation on each one.

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Guild Wars 2 - In-Game screenshot of the stats of a Plate of Sesame-Crusted Coq Au VIn

The ideal consumables for this build would be:

  • Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
  • Superior Sharpening Stone

However, unless you've mastered the Chef crafting discipline, the very best foods may be difficult to come by. Don't be afraid to buy something that's a little less expensive that offers similar boosts - it'll still help!

Some cheaper/more common ones include...

  • Bowl of Tomato Soup (+Precision)
  • Bowl of Cold Wurm Stew (+Power)
  • Rice Ball (+Power)
  • Drottot's Poached Egg (+Power)
  • Minotaur Steak (+Ferocity, +Power)

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